How meditation improves performance - Performance Meditation

Make meditation a habit and use it to visualise and achieve your goal.

Practice (and visualisation) makes perfect!

Studies on the brain reveal that visualisation sends mental instructions to the brain, just as physical acts do.  This means that you can enhance your focus, perception, planning, memory, and physical control through the power of thought. Visualisation becomes even more powerful when achieved through a state of meditation (during the theta brain wave).


Performance Meditation create personalised, guided meditations to enhance your performance in a chosen area. Whether that’s improving your golf swing, boosting your confidence (especially around that love interest!), helping you to ace that driving test or exam, or fretting less about public speaking. We design 20, 40, and 60-minute guided meditations to help you reach the theta brain wave so your visualisation has a more powerful effect on your performance.

How we design your personalised meditation
Meditation steps

1) Select meditation components – You are the best person to decide what kind of setting, background music, voice and anchor sound best resonates with you, helping you reach the theta brain wave cycle more effectively.

2) Tell us about a goal you want to achieve (your meditation intent) – and we create a guided visualisation whilst in the theta brain wave cycle, allowing for a more effective mental rehearsal of your intent.

3) Complete design form – takes less than 5 minutes to put your order together

4) Head to the shop and make payment – 50% off sale now on!

5) Receive personalised meditation in 3-5 working days – our script writers and voice actors need a little time to create something perfect for you.

6) Make improvements – we want to get it right for you, so you have 3 days to decide if any tweaks are needed.

Visualisation in sports
Does it really work?

Research and scientific studies show that visualisation exercises enhance performance.

One experiment compared two groups. The first group completed a physical workout plan while the second completed a visualised workout plan. The results of the physical group improved their finger abduction strength by 53% while the visual workout group achieved a 35% increase without even lifting a finger!

Visualisation should never replace physical practice but if an athlete needs to physically rest their body, they can at least rely on their mind to visualise the very best techniques in preparation for an important competition.



Focus and concentration

In a world where we need and want to fit so much more into our lives, combining physical and mental training is just common sense.

Visualising while in a state of meditation is an effective enhancement technique to help you achieve the desired performance.

Although there are no guarantees, the results will become clear with practice. The fact that meditation has been proven to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing is a good reason to practice.

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Performance Meditation launched in July 2022 and we are delighted to give everyone the chance to see how visualisation mediation can help you reach your goals and promote well-being.

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The brain and meditation
The brain and visualisation

Visualisation activates your motor cortex (this generates signals that direct your body), located in the frontal lobe of your brain.

Regarded as ‘non-movement rehearsal,’ it prepares your brain in a similar way to that of a physical rehearsal. Your body is able to rest while your brain anticipates the physical movements required to carry out the action. This allows the action to be completed with a higher level of proficiency! Knowing how to meditate can have a huge benefit on your brain development.


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Do you need a visualisation meditation to enhance performance in your team or organisation?

Is your team struggling with overall confidence or suffering a loss of form?

Is your organisation experiencing falling sales, staff finding it difficult to manage new processes, or deal with customers? Or are you trying to create better communication and collaboration in your team? Then we can create a personalised meditation that could help.

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Team meditation
Give the gift of meditation
A gift like no other!

Looking to surprise someone with a gift of calm and focus, then why not get them their own personalised meditation. Maybe they have an exam coming up, a new job, feeling a bit anxious about something, or maybe need a confidence boost before they hit the dating scene.

Head to the shop and select ‘gift voucher’ and a meditation consultant will contact you to help organise a gift like no other.

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