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We actively encourage all our customers to share their meditation experiences so that we can improve our meditations and help people achieve their best state of mind and reach their goal. 

Excellent service! My meditation was accurately tailored to my needs and possessed a brilliant delivery. From my personal experience, the meditation brought several benefits including helping to clear my mind, calm down and to fall into a deep restful sleep, as well as aid towards my goal. The outcome is certainly visible and I am glad for using your service! 



Walthamstow, UK

Very happy that I could make alterations to my first meditation. The adjustments were perfect and I now happily drift off to sleep, sometimes during the meditation, which I'm told is still okay. Meditation is new to me but enjoying it so far and feel a lot calmer. Had no road rage this week!



Sidcup, UK

I thoroughly recommend this. I have meditaited for many years but never a guided visualisation. I found it to suit me well and hope it helps with my new career. Thank you for the fast delivery and good communication.



Solihull, UK

I love that i could choose the main details of the meditation, with the voice I selected really working for me. I did fall asleep a few times so I now take a seated meditation position and meditate in the morning. So far I haven't lost interest, which is what usually happens with me. The visualisation part feels quite natural and I hope it gets me to my goal.



Plymouth, UK

I was dubious when my friend bought this as a gift. Its certainly unique! I have used it several times and it has helped me sleep but I'm not convinced it will help with my maid of honor speech next month. I guess I'll find out when I'm standing up there in front of hundreds of guest.



Leeds, UK

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Performance Meditation launched in July 2022 and we are delighted to give everyone the chance to see how visualisation mediation can help you reach your goals and promote well-being.

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