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Visualise, actualise!

how does it work?

The first part of the guided meditation is designed to relax and focus your mind towards a singular thing (relaxation setting) and bring your brain from the beta wave to the theta wave. The theta brain wave allows access to your subconscious. (The same brain wave hypnotist use to influence your subconscious). The next part of the meditation sharpen your visualisation towards your personal goal whilst being in the theta brain wave cycle, increasing the potential to embed change in your subconscious

How successful is a meditation?

We offer no guarantees, we like to be honest about what we offer. We provide a tool that if used regularly has the potential to create change in your subconscious. Using the example of enhancing your golf swing, Tiger Woods used visualisation techniques as part of his strategy to perfect his game. However, he also physically practiced for thousands of hours. He believes that both approaches had a massive influence on his success. Performance meditation does not replace practice, its an additional tool to practice with the potential to enhance your performance, as it’s attempting to program your subconscious with correct technique.

Do I have to know how to meditate first?

You don’t need previous meditation experience or success. To sit for 20 minutes each day and switch your mind completely off from the toils of the world is not easy. Buddhist Monks meditate for hours in complete silence and can bring their minds to nothingness, without struggle. We recognise these two extremes and provide a workable option for everyday life. You can select a meditation from 20 minutes to an hour long, and these are designed to bring YOU to a point of focus (not nothingness) and relax your mind to a state (theta) that is more susceptible to influence your subconscious and make meaningful improvements and change.

Do I need to be spiritual?

No, you don’t. Spiritual people have long known about the value of meditation to connect to their God or higher self. More and more research and data is coming through from the scientific community, especially in the field of neuroscience, showing the positive impact that regular meditation has on well-being and development.

How is it different to headspace, synctuition or Aura?

These Apps rely on a huge library of meditations and resources to offer choice across a range of well-being areas. Aura uses an algoritham based on the sign up quiz to better hone its resources to your needs. However, none of these Apps offer actual bespoke meditations where you get to review and change the audio and script to your needs. Performance Mediation is about focusing on an area of your life you want to enhance in terms of performance. The 20, 40 or 60 minute guided meditations are designed to give you mental practice whilst in the theta brain wave cycle, imprinting into your subconscoius better technique and competence, which in conjuction with physical practice will enhance your performance.

Are there any health risks?

Meditating regularly is well known for improving mental well-being and focus. Even when done incorrectly, the worst it can do, is send you to sleep.

How often do I need to meditate?

There is no hard and fast rule here, but obviously, if you meditate every day it means you are increasing your mental rehearsal, so like physical practice, the more you do the more impact it will have on your technique. However, any new habit you are trying to develop is best approached gradually, so start with a couple of times a week then build up. Many seasoned meditators really crave the switch off time, and look forward to it, especially after having a hectic day.

I keep falling asleep during meditation

This is because as you relax deeper and deeper your brain wave naturally falls from theta to delta. It’s also why a guided meditation can help people who struggle to sleep. For the purpose of visualisation you ideally want to stay in theta, so we recommend the seated position over lying down! But don’t worry if it does happen, it is believed that the subconscious is still absorbing some of the information.

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Meditation for Beginners

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced meditator or just wondering how to meditate more regularly, then there is a wealth of advice available on the internet. The Team at Performance Meditation are collating as much helpful advice in the blog section. There is also some very informative advice to be found here especially if you are a beginner meditator.