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Visualise, actualise!

A new journey in meditation and visualisation


Performance Meditation enhances lives in two ways; 

1. Make it easy for you to turn meditation into a habit by providing a daily tool to help you ‘switch off’ the noise from your information-overloaded life. 

2. With less time to devote to personal pursuits, visualisation rehearsal means additional, quality practice while drifting off to sleep or waking in the morning. Mentally visualising during meditation brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘practice makes perfect.’

Performance Meditation gives you a personal, guided meditation that will resonate with you and add value to your life. Benefit from an effective, personal communication with a setting to calm your mind and bring you into a theta state. Choose what works for you and realise your ideal performance. 

We won’t promise that you’ll be the next top golfer, guitar soloist or crowd-pulling public speaker, but we can promise a guided meditation that draws on scientific principles and thousands of years of practice!

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Visualisation meditations for the workplace

A report commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive of Great Britain found a significant rise in work-related stress, depression and anxiety, reaching a prevalence rate of 2,480 per 100,000 workers. Roles in education, human health and social work activities registered the highest rates. This might help explain some of the 149.3 million working days lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2021, a new record.

Helping staff look after their mental wellbeing is beneficial to all concerned. Creating the right environment, adopting better management styles and providing practical tools are some of the ways an organisation can contribute to a happier healthier workforce. At Performance Meditation we create bespoke meditation for not only individuals, but also to groups who have shared experiences.

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Visualisation meditations

Visualisation meditations for teams

Sports Visualisation

We’ve all seen those teams that excel even though they are the underdog, and those teams that fall short, even though its full of superstars. Confidence and team cohesion plays an important part in team success, so why not create a bespoke meditation for your team that helps them to visualise the same goal.

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Introductory offer

Performance Meditation launched in July 2022 and we are delighted to give everyone the chance to see how visualisation mediation can help you reach your goals and promote well-being.

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