5 steps to meditating and wellbeing - Performance Meditation

5 Steps to design your visualisation meditation

Visualise, actualise!

What area of your life do you want to enhance?

Many athletes, musicians and businesspeople use visualisation tools to improve their performance and overcome nerves. Visualising when meditating has an even more powerful effect on the brain and can lead to even greater results.

Read our blog to learn more about these enhancement techniques.  Create your guided meditation to improve performance in an area of your life.

Golf swings, performances, exams, driving test, public speaking, martial arts, acting, job interviews, confidence (especially in front of that love interest), even a better night sleep, are just some examples where Performance Meditation can make a positive difference as well as making meditating a regular habit to improve wellbeing.


  1. Select from the 4 sections below
  2. Complete the form at the bottom of this page
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  4. Receive your first draft within 5 working days
  5. Finalise any changes if required
(1) Background Sound

An ideal background sound should be mesmerising and not distracting. The volume will be low, enough to focus your mind whilst still hearing the guided instructions. Making meditating more effective and promoting wellbeing.

(We recommend headphones to fully appreciate the samples)

(2) Relaxation Setting

Select your most calming environment and the guided script will help you visualise this, bringing you into the theta brain wave faster and ready for your visualisation. Each setting has a sound to anchor your mind to reduce distraction and meditating to a deeper level.

Forest meditation

Pine forest with a gentle stream

Description: Walking in a lush pine forest, resting by a stream.

Anchor sound: Gentle Stream


Hammock on the beach

Description: Swaying gently in a hammock with the warming sun above.

Anchor sound: Rhythmic lapping of waves.

Fireplace mediation
Comfy chair by fire, storm outside

Description: Armchair next to a roaring fire with distant storm.

Anchor sound: The crackle of the fire, a distant sound of rain and thunder outside.

well being meditation

Garden summer setting

Description: A garden full of life on a summer’s day.

Anchor sound: Bird song


(3) Voice Options

Select a voice that is soothing and easy for you to follow.

(We recommend headphones to fully appreciate the samples)

Having trouble deciding? Sample meditations below.

(4) Define your intent

To make your guided meditation personal to you, provide us with a short description of the performance you are looking to enhance. Here are some examples:

  • “I’m struggling with my golf swing, especially when using my driver”
  • “I’ve failed my driving test twice, both times were due to my failure to reverse park”
  • “I can’t shut my thoughts off at night and struggle to sleep”
  • “I have a business idea and I need to focus on bringing it to market”
  • “I get nervous around a person at work that I really like”
  • “I have to give a best man speech in front of 150 people”
  • “I have to compete in a karate competition and my nerves are holding me back”
  • “I just want to worry less, sleep better and improve my mental wellbeing”

We may contact you for further information if we feel that we can create a more tailored experience.

Sample Meditations

If you are finding it difficult to choose, then hopefully our samples will help.

(We recommend headphones to fully appreciate the samples)

This 60 second sample contains the following:


  • Background Sound: Mystical Movement
  • Relaxation setting: Comfy chair by fire, storm outside
  • Voice Option: British Male voice
  • Segment focus: Acknowledging visualisation into subconscious

This 60 second sample contains the following:


  • Background Sound: Mystical Movement
  • Relaxation setting: Pine forest with stream
  • Voice Option: Scottish Male voice
  • Segment focus: Clear the mind of thoughts

This 60 second sample contains the following:


  • Background Sound: Cosmic Calm
  • Relaxation setting: Hammock on the beach
  • Voice Option: American Male voice
  • Segment focus: Focusing on anchor sound

This 60 second sample contains the following:


  • Background Sound: Cosmic Calm
  • Relaxation setting: Summer Garden
  • Voice Option: American Female voice
  • Segment focus: Focused breath
self defence and meditating

Case Study – Mu-shin Fitness

Mu-shin Fitness is an innovative fitness self defence system that aims to teach students instinctive self-defence techniques through a combination of cardio and circuit drills that embed these moves into muscle memory.

Part of the programme includes meditating several times a week to visualisation meditation created by Performance Meditation. Already students are feeling the benefits of combined physical and mental rehearsal, giving them a greater chance to react instinctively if the worst should ever happen.

Find out more